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Katie Craven

Tag: Made in England

A Summer’s Day Noticing : Butterflies

Posted 5 months ago by Katie Craven in Living

The butterfly represents so many things in our world, including beauty, transformation, hope, joy, freedom and wanderlust – as they flutter through life as animated aspects of nature, decorated with magnificent colours and delicate features; they certainly are little pieces of natures magic! My aim is to create beautiful and uplifting pieces of art that […]

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The First Signs of a New Season

Posted 1 year ago by Katie Craven in Living

It’s that magical time of year when the mornings begin to brighten as the sun slips up from the horizon slightly earlier with each day that passes, and streams into our homes late into the afternoon. The first signs of Spring emerge in the form of green stalks that sprout out white flowers throughout our […]

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Sparking Moments of Joy in the New Year

Posted 2 years ago by Katie Craven in Living

As we enter the New Year, you may have a list of dreams or goals that you wish to achieve in 2019, and it is undoubtedly an exciting time for dreaming and planning for the new year ahead; one that is full of fresh possibilities, holding within it wonderful moments, people and experiences yet to […]

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The Hopefulness of Spring

Posted 3 years ago by Katie Craven in Living

After taking a daily walk during the winter months through my local countryside, I realized that I had began to notice the trees that stood bare and the cold dark days for longer than usual. With the remains of the distant autumn sat in clumps of mud under leafless undergrowth,  I began to discover for […]

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