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Katie Craven

British Birds Greeting Card Collection


We are delighted to announce the launch of our latest British Birds greeting card collection which features delicate, hand illustrated designs that have been inspired by mornings spent in the garden, watching the birds as they flutter around the meadows catching insects to feed to their newly hatched chicks, whilst being surrounded by the beautiful flora and fauna of the English countryside.


Watching the birds is one of my favourite pastimes, as they are a reminder that life can be slow and simple, and as we notice their presence all around us, they show us what it means to be alive on this earth. Birds are present in the current moment, with no concept of past and future, therefore the here and now is what always takes precedence; such a wonderful way to exist in the world.

Observing their beauty was such a joy whilst creating this new collection of garden birds, woodpeckers, owls and swans, and I feel that the collection is my dedication to honouring the beauty of some of Britain’s most loved creatures.

The luxury card collection comprises 20 different card designs, created in my intricate and distinctive style of pen, ink and watercolour painting. With card designs perfect for any occasion, the new collection can be used to send a special note to a loved one, wish good luck or say a special thank you. They can also be cherished forever by framing and displaying as wall art to decorate your home!

Each card design features an assemble of wild flowers that are scattered around the birds, forming a dome of flora and fauna that capture the beauty, essence and magic of the British countryside.

For an easy identification of bird species, the name of the bird featured on the front of the card shall be printed on the reverse side.

As we know that it is difficult to choose just one bird as your favourite, we have also created a special set of 8 luxury greetings cards, where you can choose 8 different garden bird cards from the collection to create your own bespoke pack of cards.

Simply create your own set of cards by choosing your favourite garden birds here

All cards have been left blank inside for you to leave your own personal message and are proudly made in England, using the finest paper and card stocks, sourced locally to us in the beautiful Lake District.


Blackbird Greeting Card

Bullfinch Greeting Card

Swan Greeting Card

Robin Greeting Card

Pheasant Greeting Card

Bluetit Greeting Card

Tawny Owl Greeting Card

Wren Greeting Card

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker Greeting Card

Swallow Greeting Card

Starling Greeting Card

Goldcrest Greeting Card

House Sparrow Greeting Card

Songthrush Greeting Card

Long-eared Owl Greeting Card



Long-Tailed Tit Greeting Card

Barn Owl Greeting Card

Chaffinch Greeting Card

Magpie Greeting Card

Goldfinch Greeting Card




The beautifully classic greetings card collection aims to bring joy to it’s recipients with it’s charming and magical designs that feature a selection of some of Britain’s most loved birds.

We hope that you love our new collection!


xx KC xx

  About us

Katie Craven is a luxury lifestyle brand, based in the Ribble Valley countryside. With design at the heart of the brand, Katie intricately hand illustrates each of her beautiful, classic creations in her signature pen, ink and watercolour style.

Katie’s illustrative prints turn the beautiful and the magical into luxurious pieces of artwork that can be worn, loved, displayed and treasured forever. Her designs are “created with the aim to bring joy and magic to everyday life” and her inspiration is drawn from all aspects of daily living, including small magical moments, daydreaming and the beauty of our natural world. Her inspiration also lies in classic vintage styles from eras past, including work by Victorian designer William Morris “who believed the world could be made a better place through the creation of beautiful things.”

Inspired by Katie’s love of all things beautiful, we are devoted to making exceptional quality stationary and silk scarves that are proudly made in England, created to inspire and encourage the traditions of sending letters and gift giving.

With British luxury at the core of the brand, attention to detail is taken at every aspect of the products journey and we take pride in selecting the highest quality fabrics and paper stocks to ensure the longevity of our luxury collections. Sustainability is at the forefront of everything that we do, therefore all of our greeting cards and paper products are printed on FSC certified card, sourced locally to us in the beautiful Lake District.

Our luxurious silk scarves have been specially created to add a timeless, elegant finish to any look, invoking a sense of beauty and magic whenever worn. We are proud in the knowledge that our scarves are truly beautiful pieces of wearable art, that have been drawn by hand with an exquisite level of detail and printed onto the finest silk twill material, to be loved & treasured forever.

Each Katie Craven design tells it’s own unique story, featuring an illustrated, imaginary world that has been created to incite a sense of joy for life whenever admired.

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