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Katie Craven

Finding joy and magic in the everyday (at home!)

We are currently living through a situation that means that most of us who are able, are staying and working from home to combat the current virus spreading. Sometimes it may feel that there is no joy to be found in the mundanity of the everyday at home. However, I believe that even if there doesn’t appear to be any beauty or joy around you, there are pockets of joy to be found everywhere, no matter how seemingly insignificant. These tiny moments of magic can add up to help you enjoy a happy and joyful existence.

Noticing the magic all around you helps to ease anxiety and stress and can to keep you calm and happy during times of uncertainty. Looking after yourself, and surrounding yourself with things that make you happy is essential to keeping positive.

It is in times like these that we have to take care of our basic needs and mental health more than ever. As we are all going to be spending more time at home, here are a few of my simple tips to find joy and magic in the small things… from somebody that has spent a lot of time working from home (and with no garden) over the years!

Be still in Nature

Go and be in nature, explore, notice, watch… and if you are lucky enough to have a garden, find peace and calm in listening to the birds, watch as the trees blow in the wind, notice things that you never have before. The act of observing nature going about its day helps to relieve stress and helps you to realize that even if you stop and relax, the world carries on going, and we will continue to carry on going too. Now that the spring has arrived, and without our normal daily routines to adhere to, you have the time to really admire the beauty that spring has unleashed on our world.

 “The world is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”

― W.B. Yeats

Watch the light

Watch the sunlight as it dapples across different rooms of your home, turning them into light filled magical wonders. This is certainly one of my favourite things to do to find calm on a beautiful sunny day!

Enjoy your favourite snack (any time of day!)

Did someone say cake for breakfast?!

Surround yourself with beauty

There are always ways to make the world around you more beautiful: the mug that you drink from, the art that you put up, the furniture that you choose. These items are a reflection of the things that you love and bring joy to your day. Being surrounded by your personal aesthetic greatly impacts our day at home because home then feels like us. If yours doesn’t, think about all the ways in which you could make something more beautiful; a lick of paint, a bunch of flowers, an ornament? Whatever you find beautiful is what is important. Having a beautiful space to live in may take effort and time, however it can bring you endless joy (and if you like to upcycle, it doesn’t have to cost much at all!)

Write down what you are grateful for

Even just the act of thinking about what you are grateful for as opposed to what angers or upsets you is a calming, magical thing. It reminds us of all that we have and how much joy we are actually surrounded by. I feel incredibly grateful that I have a garden now during all this time spent at home. What are you grateful for?

 “Gratitude is heaven itself”

― William Blake

Write and send a greeting card to someone you love

The greeting card association interviewed Dr Lynda Shaw regarding mental health and staying in touch with loved ones at this time.

“The psychology of greeting cards has a lot to do with self-esteem and self-worth. Simply put, if you recieve one, you feel better. Time is the most precious gift anyone can give. So if someone spends time choosing, writing, then giving or posting a greeting card, the recipient knows they have been given some of the sender’s precious time” – Dr Lynda Shaw

Snuggle up and read a good book

Being cosy and feeling safe in your own home accompanied by one of your favourite books and a calming cup of tea is always a good way to spend an afternoon!

Talk to a friend

Even if it is just a text message or a video call to someone that you love, connecting with other people helps to combat loneliness and the feeling of isolation.


The limits of your mind are endless. Spend time allocated to just dreaming about all of the things you could possibily do with your time on earth, use your imagination to create stories or worlds that you would want to exist in. This could lead to wonderful things!

Focus on the positives

Remember there are always more positives than negatives to be found – we have food, we have time, we have each other. The majority of us are currently sitting somewhere safe with most of our basic needs being met. We should try to see this time as an opportunity, a gift from the world to relax, adjust, create, reflect, enjoy, listen, learn, plan, or just to understand ourselves better. Whatever it is that you needed to do for yourself, take this time to do it.

Be kind to yourself and do whatever feels right to you during this time of uncertainty.

 “Beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart.”

― Khalil Gibran


xx KC xx

  About us

Katie Craven is a luxury lifestyle brand, based in the Ribble Valley countryside. With design at the heart of the brand, Katie intricately hand illustrates each of her beautiful, classic creations in her signature pen, ink and watercolour style.

Katie’s illustrative prints turn the beautiful and the magical into luxurious pieces of artwork that can be worn, loved, displayed and treasured forever. Her designs are “created with the aim to bring joy and magic to everyday life” and her inspiration is drawn from all aspects of daily living, including small magical moments, daydreaming and the beauty of our natural world. Her inspiration also lies in classic vintage styles from eras past, including work by Victorian designer William Morris “who believed the world could be made a better place through the creation of beautiful things.”

Inspired by Katie’s love of all things beautiful, we are devoted to making exceptional quality stationary and silk scarves that are proudly made in England, created to inspire and encourage the traditions of sending letters and gift giving.

With British luxury at the core of the brand, attention to detail is taken at every aspect of the products journey and we take pride in selecting the highest quality fabrics and paper stocks to ensure the longevity of our luxury collections. Sustainability is at the forefront of everything that we do, therefore all of our greeting cards and paper products are printed on FSC certified card, sourced locally to us in the beautiful Lake District.

Our luxurious silk scarves have been specially created to add a timeless, elegant finish to any look, invoking a sense of beauty and magic whenever worn. We are proud in the knowledge that our scarves are truly beautiful pieces of wearable art, that have been drawn by hand with an exquisite level of detail and printed onto the finest silk twill material, to be loved & treasured forever.

Each Katie Craven design tells it’s own unique story, featuring an illustrated, imaginary world that has been created to incite a sense of joy for life whenever admired.

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