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Katie Craven

The First Signs of a New Season

It’s that magical time of year when the mornings begin to brighten as the sun slips up from the horizon slightly earlier with each day that passes, and streams into our homes late into the afternoon. The first signs of Spring emerge in the form of green stalks that sprout out white flowers throughout our gardens, meadows and woodlands all across the country.

When these snowdrops appear, they are a symbol that change is on the horizon and that we have almost emerged out of another long dark Winter, and we can finally begin to clamber out of our semi-hibernating human states!

Winter can sometimes be seen as an unpleasant time of year, yet we may just have more in common with the seasons than we first thought, and if we shift our perspective, the seasons can instead be viewed as a guidepost and representation for the different periods in our lives. Just like a tree cannot have and leaves and blossom on it all year long, as it needs time to recuperate and rest, we also need periods of down time in our lives too.

The newness of Spring always brings along with it a sense of hope for what the season will bring, and after a long period of cold, dark days and bare trees, the world finally feels as though it has come to life again!

Nevertheless, the Winter also provides something truly special; the chance to unwind, rest, reflect and restore ourselves. It gives us the perfect climate to satisfy a need to hide away for quite some time and cosy up indoors during those cold Winter days, whilst drinking copious cups of hot beverages by the fire… (or is that just me?!)

Winter can correlate to the times in our lives when we have the space to just be and ponder our next movements or advancements in life.

These times are crucial, and even though sometimes the wait to change, or to understand what we need or want to change in our lives can be frustrating. Just like the winter, this period does not hurry, and it will take as long as it needs to in order to be ready for the next season ahead.

These periods of rest and recuperation are transformative and just as important as actually doing the work that we want to make happen in the world.


Seasonal expert Carol McClelland Fields (Seasons of Change Creator) teaches how the different seasons in nature represent the different seasons in our lives, and she explains “Most of us have grown up believing that to be successful, we must remain in Summer at all times. But then, any change that takes us off our line of success is a threat to be avoided at all costs. There is another way.”

 Her definition for what the different seasons in life represent can help us to see that we don’t need to be going ‘at full speed’ in our lives at all times.

 McClelland Fields says “If we see change as a naturally occurring event – much like the change of seasons – then we can embrace change as a gift and an invitation to improve and enhance our lives. To grow through life’s inevitable ups and downs, we must move through each season in turn”

She explains that

“Autumn is when you sense a shift in your life and prepare for what’s to come

Early Winter is for retreating, reflecting and reconnecting

Winter Solstice is time for catching sparks of hope in the darkness

Late Winter is for exploring and experimenting to firm up your vision for the future

Spring is when you burst into bloom and put your plan into action

Summer is when you celebrate your harvest”



I often forget that I need these times to slow and reprieve, and when I do take time to rest, these are often the moments when my creativity peaks and ideas for new designs come flooding to the forefront of my mind  (I am very grateful to say that I currently have an overflowing sketchbook of ideas waiting to be brought to life!)

When my mind has a chance to daydream or when I am fully engrossed in doing something I love, like being outside observing nature or when I am not thinking about my to-do list, these are the times when the best ideas come to me.

The chance to bring the worlds that live inside my mind to life is the most exciting, satisfying and rewarding part of being a designer. It is such a joy to continually produce fresh designs and create new products that bring beauty and magic to everyday life!

Learning that these periods of down time in our lives (which can sometimes feel like procrastination!) are actually just as important as when we are getting things done, can be such a relief to most of us.

  If we understand that all the different seasons within our lives are just a necessary part of living, we may actually be kinder to ourselves when periods of ‘Winter’ strike us.

Maybe the best possible thing we can do is embrace each season as it comes, and even though sometimes it is not easy to just accept and adjust to something we hadn’t planned for, it can help to remember that we are exactly where we need to be at any given moment in time.

I hope that when you are going through a period of ‘Winter’ in your life you will know that it is okay to slow down, rest and explore what you wish to make happen next. It is all part of your wonderful journey through life!


xx KC xx

  About us

Katie Craven is a luxury lifestyle brand, based in the Ribble Valley countryside. With design at the heart of the brand, Katie intricately hand illustrates each of her beautiful, classic creations in her signature pen, ink and watercolour style.

Katie’s illustrative prints turn the beautiful and the magical into luxurious pieces of artwork that can be worn, loved, displayed and treasured forever. Her designs are “created with the aim to bring joy and magic to everyday life” and her inspiration is drawn from all aspects of daily living, including small magical moments, daydreaming and the beauty of our natural world. Her inspiration also lies in classic vintage styles from eras past, including work by Victorian designer William Morris “who believed the world could be made a better place through the creation of beautiful things.”

Inspired by Katie’s love of all things beautiful, we are devoted to making exceptional quality stationary and silk scarves that are proudly made in England, created to inspire and encourage the traditions of sending letters and gift giving.

With British luxury at the core of the brand, attention to detail is taken at every aspect of the products journey and we take pride in selecting the highest quality fabrics and paper stocks to ensure the longevity of our luxury collections. Sustainability is at the forefront of everything that we do, therefore all of our greeting cards and paper products are printed on FSC certified card, sourced locally to us in the beautiful Lake District.

Our luxurious silk scarves have been specially created to add a timeless, elegant finish to any look, invoking a sense of beauty and magic whenever worn. We are proud in the knowledge that our scarves are truly beautiful pieces of wearable art, that have been drawn by hand with an exquisite level of detail and printed onto the finest silk twill material, to be loved & treasured forever.

Each Katie Craven design tells it’s own unique story, featuring an illustrated, imaginary world that has been created to incite a sense of joy for life whenever admired.


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