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Katie Craven

The Story of Butterflies & Joy

Joy, described as a feeling of great pleasure and happiness, and however experienced, it is regarded as one of the most magnificent and beautiful emotions we can possibly encounter as a human being.


At Katie Craven, we believe in living in a kinder, gentler world, where beauty and simple moments are cherished. We love to bring the beautiful, restorative essence of nature to all things that we do, and we believe that within observing and appreciating the small moments of daily life, we are able to make life that little bit more magical.

The Story of Joy & Butterflies


Butterflies are a symbol for freedom, love and hope as they flutter through life as animated aspects of nature, decorated with magnificent colours and delicate features, they certainly have the ability to make you dream.

There is something so wonderful about the journey a caterpillar takes to go through metamorphosis to become a butterfly, gaining their elegance through all of the changes in their existence, and it is with this particular beauty which can help to teach us how to find joy in life. These sensitive creatures allow us to get closer to who we are and how we see the world, including inspiring our imaginations, an aspect of which butterflies are renowned for, including inspiring whimsical poetry and art.




The fascination of the butterfly may possibly come from their representation of the beauty of transformation, due to their journey from caterpillar, through to metaphorsis and ultimately emerging as the magnificent butterfly- as their beautifully unique self, fluttering elegantly to the freedom they themselves created.

We can learn so much from the journey the caterpillar takes to become a butterfly, as we often look at a graceful butterfly dancing through the wind but rarely stop to think about the struggle it endured to become what it is. We can learn from a butterfly that letting go of who we once were is essential in the effort to be able to become who we are going to be next, and allowing ourselves to advance to the next phase of life are necessary chapters in our existence.

Butterflies symbolize those times when we need to make adjustments and find the courage to take the steps to change, or when we go through those inevitable significant life transformations.  Just like the early stages of a butterflies life, we spend our time growing and shedding our past skins to be able to transform into the next stage of who we are to become in life. We are all on our own journey, and change is not only inevitable but an essential component of what it means to be alive.



As we all experience and search for joy in life, we discover that it is in those moments of exertion and growth where the true secret to happiness can be found; for it is not about the end destination but the journey we experience whilst navigating our way through life. You are as special, fragile and unique as each individual butterfly, gliding and fluttering through life, relentlessly weathering thunderstorms and relishing in the moments of welcomed sunny days.

Ultimately, growing through change is what makes us stronger and having the ability to allow yourself to constantly progress to your natural next step, time and time again, is part of what it means to live a wholehearted, joyous life.




xx KC xx

  About us

Katie Craven is a luxury lifestyle brand, based in the Ribble Valley countryside. With design at the heart of the brand, Katie intricately hand illustrates each of her beautiful, classic creations in her signature pen, ink and watercolour style.

Katie’s illustrative prints turn the beautiful and the magical into luxurious pieces of artwork that can be worn, loved, displayed and treasured forever. Her designs are “created with the aim to bring joy and magic to everyday life” and her inspiration is drawn from all aspects of daily living, including small magical moments, daydreaming and the beauty of our natural world. Her inspiration also lies in classic vintage styles from eras past, including work by Victorian designer William Morris “who believed the world could be made a better place through the creation of beautiful things.”

Inspired by Katie’s love of all things beautiful, we are devoted to making exceptional quality stationary and silk scarves that are proudly made in England, created to inspire and encourage the traditions of sending letters and gift giving.

With British luxury at the core of the brand, attention to detail is taken at every aspect of the products journey and we take pride in selecting the highest quality fabrics and paper stocks to ensure the longevity of our luxury collections. Sustainability is at the forefront of everything that we do, therefore all of our greeting cards and paper products are printed on FSC certified card, sourced locally to us in the beautiful Lake District.

Our luxurious silk scarves have been specially created to add a timeless, elegant finish to any look, invoking a sense of beauty and magic whenever worn. We are proud in the knowledge that our scarves are truly beautiful pieces of wearable art, that have been drawn by hand with an exquisite level of detail and printed onto the finest silk twill material, to be loved & treasured forever.

Each Katie Craven design tells it’s own unique story, featuring an illustrated, imaginary world that has been created to incite a sense of joy for life whenever admired.

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